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1   Link   Groovy Home Page
An agile dynamic language for the Java Platform
2   Link   Groovy Documentation
Groovy Documentation for Groovy and Java classes
3   Link   Groovy Tutorials
Groovy Tutorials - Getting Started Guide
4   Link   GroovyMag
GroovyMag, the magazine for Groovy and Grails developers!
5   Link   Groovy web console
Groovy web console allows users to quickly execute groovy scripts right in the web browser. Programmers may also publish their own and view recent scripts.
6   Link   CodeNarc web console
Groovy CodeNarc is a static analysis tool for the Groovy language.
7   Link   Messages from mrhaki
An indispensable list of interesting articles and practical Groovy (and not only...) code snippets from mrhaki.
8   Link   Guillaume Laforge's Blog
Guillaume Laforge's SpringSource Team Blog
9   Link
A website listing popular Groovy and Grails related articles developed in Grails by Glen Smith.
10   Link   GroovyTweets
Groovy in the Twitter universe.
11   Link   Groovy++
Groovy++ is statically typed extension of Groovy programming language, which gives together high performance of compiled code and compile type checks.
12   Link   Groovy on StackOverflow
Find the right answer to your Groovy-related programming questions on StackOverflow.
13   Link   Groovy Almanac
Search through a collection of code snippets for your Groovy project.
14   Link   The Grails Podcast
The Grails Podcast is a bi-weekly podcast about the Groovy scripting language, the Grails Web Framework and more. It is run by Glen Smith from Canberra, Australia and Sven Haiges from Sunnyvale, California.