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1   Link   Java SE Downloads
Java SE Downloads.
2   Link   Java SE Technical Documentation
Java SE Technical Documentation that includes: API Documentation, Java Language and Virtual Machine Specifications, Developer Guides, JDK / JRE Installation Instructions, JDK Release Notes, JDK Troubleshooting Guide, and extensive Java Tutorials.
3   Link   Java Platform Standard Edition 7 Documentation
Java Platform SE 7 Documentation.
4   Link   Java™ Platform, Standard Edition 7 API Specification
The API specification for the Java™ Platform, Standard Edition.
5   Link   Java SE 6 Documentation
Java SE 6 Documentation.
6   Link   The Really Big Index
A comprehensive list of all content pages in the The Java Tutorial.
7   Link   Oracle Technology Network
The ultimate, complete, and authoritative source of technical information and learning about Java.
8   Link   Javalobby
The heart of the Java developer community.
9   Link   OpenJDK
The place to collaborate on an open-source implementation of the Java Platform, Standard Edition, and related projects.
10   Link   JDK 7 Feature Roadmap
A list of features being developed by Oracle, and others, for JDK 7.
11   Link   JavaRanch
A friendly place for Java greenhorns!
12   Link   Java on StackOverflow
Find the right answer to your Java-related programming questions on StackOverflow.
13   Link is an online community for enterprise Java architects and developers, providing daily news, tech talk interviews with key industry figures, design patterns, discussion forums, tutorials, and more.
14   Link   Planet NetBeans
An aggregation of NetBeans related musings from all over the Blogosphere.
15   Link   JRoller
A Fresh Cup of Java Blogging.
16   Link   IBM developerWorks
Articles, online tutorials, and other technical resources on Java standards and technologies.
17   Link   James Gosling
The Father of Java - created the original design of the Java programming language and implemented its original compiler and virtual machine.
18   Link   Enthuware
An excellent source of sample questions, study notes and mock exam simulators for Oracle(Sun) Java Programmer, Web Component Developer and Business Component Developer certification exams.